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Northern Saw-whet Owl Nest Box Project

Twenty-five Owl Boxes have been built by Jim Wilson and erected in proper habitat. These were all adopted by SRAS members and friends. These boxes are monitored regularly to check for signs of activity. See table below for locations, sponsors and recent activity.

Update - June 2020

Many of the boxes were moved to State Gamelands where there are historic records of Saw-whet Owls. Several were erected on private property. Some new boxes were added. 

Mal & EASO - Larry

Mal Hays finding an Eastern Screech-owl in Box 25,  Photo by Larry Towse


Northern Saw-whet Owl, photo by Flo McGuire

Cornplanter State Forest

Mal Hays and Larry Towse erecting a nest box as Forester Ty Ryan logs the location, photo by Flo McGuire

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