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Birdathon & Bird Seed Sales

Semi-annual Bird Food Sale


      SRAS holds a Bird Seed Sale in September and January for everyone, member or not,  who feeds birds. The sale is held in cooperation with J&J Feeds of Shippenville and Brookville.              Watch for announcements of the sales. 




     The 2024 Birdathon is May 11-18. Birdathon is an annual fundraiser for Seneca Rocks Audubon and supports our monthly programs and other expenses.  Anyone can participate by recording the bird species observed during any 24-hour period during the week.

     Besides being a fundraiser, it's a great excuse to get outside and observe and enjoy nature! Plus, it's a great personal challenge to see as many different bird species as possible in one day!

     You can bird in your backyard, a State Game Land, a park, in town, or at a series of places by car.  It's up to you!

     Ask your friends, family, and co-workers to donate a set amount or an amount per species seen. Or challenge yourself to donate a certain amount. The amount collected is then donated to SRAS. Don't forget to give your donors a report of your findings as a thank you to them.  

     If you can't participate yourself, consider supporting a someone who is. Come to a program to find out who's participating or email us at          Thank you!


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