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Seneca Rocks Audubon Society (SRAS) is a chapter of the National Audubon Society active in the Clarion, Forest, Jefferson and Venango County region of northwestern PA.  If you are interested in enjoying the world of birds, protecting wildlife and its habitat or gaining an appreciation of the natural environment,  join us!  All of our events at SRAS are free and open to the public and families are welcome!

Bird Sightings Wanted!!

Carole Winslow is the Clarion County compiler for PSO (Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology), and is responsible for sending quarterly reports to the journal Pennsylvania Birds.

Email your sightings to Carole here, or call (814)745-3818.

Ruffed Grouse, Margaret Buckwalter
Ruffed Grouse, Margaret Buckwalter
Seneca Rocks Audubon Society

Latest SRAS Newsletter

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A pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers was found nesting in northern Forest County on June 26.


Confessions of a Bird Bum

At our November 11 meeting we will welcome Scott Stoleson, ornithologist and researcher, who has been a friend of our chapter for many years. His program will highlight some of the exotic places and species he has seen.

Members' Night & CBC Planning

On December 9 join us for a fun evening and perhaps bring something to share! We will also be reviewing our plans for our annual Christmas Bird Count.

Christmas Bird Count!

Our Christmas Bird Count will be on Saturday, December 19.

Nov-Dec Drummer
Bird Seed Sale Fall 2015

Keep Your Hummingbird Feeder Up!

A Rufous Hummingbird has been coming to a feeder near Brookville, P A in Jefferson County.